Tastecard – the best thing to happen to the food world since sliced bread?

Once upon a time, not so long ago, I found myself nosily looking at other tables paying their bill with a black and green card that at the time I thought must have been for some high class bank I was not familiar with.

Having wised up – well, it was advertised in The Sun – I now know that said black and green card is actually called a Tastecard, a card that is used to get a discount off your food bill in restaurants (50% off or two meals for one).

After I found this out, I promptly ordered a trial, and on my first night out noticed that pretty much every other table in the restaurant mentioned that they had this discount card too.

Having received a whopping fifty percent discount off my meal, I was pretty impressed to see after checking online (www.tastecard.co.uk), that in Shoreditch alone there are myriad restaurants signed up to the scheme, many of which are highly rated on sites such as TimeOut and definitely worth a look – even more so for half the dosh.

But all this left me thinking – who are the suckers that still pay the prices on the menu? Am I just that poor that I think this is one of the most useful cards I have ever stumbled across – even more useful than my ‘emergency’ credit card used for Jagermeister and online shopping? And why pay ten quid for a meal when someone at the table next to you could be getting it for a fiver?

But if literally everyone had one then how would restaurants earn enough money?

It is a good idea, and has definitely encouraged me to explore and try places I otherwise wouldn’t have if serious bucks were on the line. There is also an app called Top Table which does the same thing minus the subscription fee.

Definitely worth signing up for, even if after the free month you decide against it!