Slimy but beautiful

My innermost apologies to all who oppose the title of my article, but I feel it necessary to blame the Saxons and their inexcusable attempt at naming this wondrous area after a ‘filthy stream that once ran nearby’ – Sewerditch.

I’m no historian, no cultural expert, and take no responsibility in offering correct geographical facts or figures. I am simply an observer. A framer. A lover. And here, I share with you my own personal virginal memoirs of Shoreditch.

[quote_right] The romanticised concept of ‘dirty London’ comes to fruition in Shoreditch [/quote_right]

I didn’t think it feasible to medically diagnose a location, but here I find Shoreditch an exception to the rule. Bipolar at heart, ‘The Ditch’ serves up a rich palette of colour and shade, filth and beauty, opulence and poverty. Held at the aorta are no doubt the passing fashions and trends coat-hung off the tales of the local cool kittens. Mid-week and the majority of its working class caped heroines are still on their elusive comedowns. And, there is no denying that everyone’s hard working blood pumper skips a beat when you score a Rogan Josh for a fiver and celebrate in style by slamming it down with a complimentary house red, plea-bargained by the loveable Bangladeshi expats.

Genuinely, I think we all owe an ‘xxxo’ text to the artists of the nineties and their incomprehensible efforts to share some urban love and revitalise the area post-industrial revolution style. And promise me you will keep the post office buzzin’ by sending out thank you notes to the astonishing creatives responsible for the complex myriad of street art that continues to inspire and prosper.

In retrospect, I think the romanticised concept of ‘dirty London’ comes to fruition in Shoreditch. There is just something so intriguingly interesting about romantic dirt. It’s like the garbage fairies have sprinkled their filthy magic and left a film of dirt and mystery that everyone wants a sniff of. I have sniffed so much of it, I’m thinking of pawning my Hoover.

So thank you filthy little stream for offering such grand impressions. Thank you for offering up your hot little seat on the goodies train. I mark my word that from now on I will always buy a return ticket.