It’s just no place for streetfighting men

As you all well know, the riots were all the rage in not-so-sleepy London town yesterday, and there was the fear that my beloved Shoreditch might be next on the ‘hit list’. Thankfully, my worst thoughts weren’t vindicated, and with things somewhat back to normal, no punk nor ruffian was going to stop me from enjoying a beautiful, sunny Wednesday in the ‘Ditch.

I arrived at the Made in Shoreditch office on Kingsland Road at around 7 AM, and shortly after went for a satisfying coffee at the Breakfast Club in Hoxton Square. However, despite thoroughly enjoying myself, I can’t deny that I wasn’t looking for any signs of wreckage, looting, and of course, those hooligans themselves (you know who you are!).

Thankfully, all was calm, and everything seemed to be in it’s place. Walking down Curtain Road, I could see that Foxtons had just removed those unsightly wooden boards from their main entrance, as had other establishments. Here in Kingsland Road, Shoreditch folk were brushing aside the memories of the past few days, and getting on with business as usual. Seems like the Metropolitan Police finally showed those punks who’s boss!

It was a close call. A bit too close for comfort, actually. I can’t bear to think what I would do had the ruffians laid their filthy hands on this neighborhood that is at once my heart, mind, and soul.

Viva Shoreditch!