Sharif don’t like it – but we do!

Constantly day dreaming about food, I sometimes find myself making mental notes on my adventures around town of every restaurant I want to go to, who I’ll go with, and what I’ll be wearing there. Sad…I know. But anyway…

On this occasion I was walking past what I thought was yet another shisha bar near Old Street, when I peeked in the doorway and couldn’t help but revel in the parade of culinary delights being placed on tables in what appeared to be a pretty well-done-up Moroccan restaurant.

After making a mental note of the place, I rang up my mother, who has more or less the same outlook as me (i.e. that if food is in the equation then it is pretty much going to be a good day), and we arranged to go and check it out.

On arriving at Bogayo I was intrigued by the chilled-out ambience, and having already meticulously studied the menu online, knew the exact three courses that I was going to annihilate.

Starting with the Chicken Bastilla – a filo pastry filled with chicken, almonds, and aromatic spices – we also helped ourselves to a bowl of hummus, olives, bread, and just about every other savoury tidbit we fancied on the menu. Although I never really was one for cinnamon, I must admit I was pleasantly surprised by the use of flavours.

Going for gold with my main course, I went for the Seafood Tagine with peppers, potatoes and green olives dressed in a gorgeous tomato sauce. Always going for the ‘surf’ option, I was impressed by the great selection of fish within the dish, including salmon, king prawn, squid, and octopus. They really had gone that extra mile, and it all tasted so fresh and delicious that even writing about it afterwards starts to make me hungry.

I wimped out slightly at the end and went for a ‘Sorbet of the Day’ – a rich mango which was definitely not shy in proportions. Never one to do things by halves, my mother went for the Fig Tart, which she also assured me was top of the tree.

Overall, the service was friendly and fast, the food was excellent, and there really was nothing I could complain about. I will definitely be returning here, despite being so full on leaving I could barely roll the five minutes it takes to get back home!

320 Old Street