By Joel Mason

To say I love Shoreditch is putting it lightly.  Shoreditch and its many offerings were, and always will be my one true love.

All the people, sights and sounds to fill my every possible need.

Walking around in what at times feels like a living organism, with art on every corner in the form of public sculptures and graffiti.

The oh-so-brilliant East London street style.

The unique daily offerings, such as the Spitalfeilds ‘Fashion Fridays’ and the ever-famous Brick Lane market on Sunday.

What truly makes Shoreditch the best place in London are all the unique and fabulous people it has to offer. Residents seem to feed of off each other’s creativity, and effortlessly ooze a ‘cool without arrogance’ vibe, a common bond, respect and understanding.

Shoreditch is truly an ‘everything goes’ area, which will keep me satisfied for many years to come.

Joel Masson


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