Le Bouchon Breton’s steaks are a godsend for meat-lovers

Not being a fan of mindless violence or fire-starting, I nevertheless hit the streets of Shoreditch last week. But instead of throwing bricks through people’s windows, I rather decided to treat myself to a massive steak dinner.

I chose Le Bouchon Breton in Spitalfields as my destination, because if you’re going to eat steak, you have to do it properly. For instance, if you go to Wetherspoon’s (as much as I love it) and order a steak – well, let’s just say you’d be better off not doing that. You will get part of a cow – yes – but definitely not a bona-fide fillet or T-bone.

Tucked away on the higher level of the market square, it’s not necessarily the first restaurant that catches the eye. As well, in the evening, the view from the balcony also lacks what you really expect from a view – something to look at. The most interesting thing I saw on the floor below was a man in a suit and trainers clutching a bunch of flowers with toilet paper stuck to his shoe (hot date!).

This is where my complaints end.

Despite definitely being on the pricier end of the scale, (think over £30 for a main course steak) the meat was of real quality and the staff definitely made sure you were looked after.

Getting into the spirit, I decided to get my 300g steak cooked rare, never thinking I would enjoy a slab of meat so much. The main came with chips – which, to my unrefined palette tasted much like McDonalds (a good thing!) – and a strange cold tomato covered in breadcrumbs.

The pudding menu was diverse, although if you don’t fancy any of that, Le Bouchon Breton luckily has a huge trolley filled with copious amounts of cheese for you to choose from.

This would be my sneaky favourite to take someone you were dying to impress. It is definitely a place to go big or go home.

I only hope toilet paper shoe man (for lack of a better pseudonym), who later came into the restaurant – minus the offending paper – bought his date a fabulous meal and astonished her so much with his choice of restaurant, that all other outfit faux pas’ were forgiven.

The verdict: pricey but worth it!

Le Bouchon Breton
8 Horner Square
Old Spitalfields
E1 6AA