Striking gold in Brick Lane’s bowling hotspot

Some nights ago, my friends and I chose Brick Lane’s All Star Lanes as our venue for a colleague’s leaving party after enjoying a fantastic meal nearby, and it didn’t fail to disappoint. At just £8.75 a game (per person, including shoe hire), it was very suitably-priced considering its prime location, as well as its well-maintained and high-quality interiors, gleaming equipment, and fantastic customer service. As well, those behind the bar didn’t fail to impress with their cocktail-making ‘wizardry’, and the poor guy seeing to our needs on the private lane we were given was very prompt in resolving a couple of technical issues – although some of the girls in our group weren’t exactly complaining – the machine was very ‘gentlemanly’ in occasionally giving them significantly less pins to knock down! However, we were given an additional game free-of-charge to compensate for the inconvenience caused, so I must pass on our combined appreciation for that kind gesture on his part.

All in all, All Star Lanes is a fantastic bowling venue! Not only is a night out there great fun, but they’ve also got a really cool ‘vintage American sports bar’ vibe flowing throughout. I highly recommend it, and my mates and I will surely be back very soon to reclaim our titles as ‘Kings and Queens’ of the lanes!

Sean Ryan Fox

Sean is the Brand Manager at Journeys Hostels and the Creative Director of the Pieces Design Studio.