Relax and unwind with a nice cuppa’

Embarrassingly, regardless of the time of day, season or situation, I often need a cup of tea. Not to say I don’t often dabble in a beverage or two (my friends can definitely agree on that), but there have been times where my beer-sipping friends have given me a raised eyebrow whilst I sheepishly sipped out of my ‘old lady’ cup and saucer. This is why I like the Water Poet, where there is something for everyone. Located on Folgate Street, just seconds from the delights of Spitalfields Market, it is a place to quickly stop and catch your breath.

I had never been there before, and probably would never have found it if my all-knowing, all-seeing friend hadn’t guided me down the cobbled streets straight to its warm and welcoming door. I always enjoy a hidden surprise, and as I pushed through the large dusty door, I couldn’t help but pray I hadn’t just walked into an episode of Eastenders. How wrong I was – Peggy Mitchell was nowhere in sight.

Equipped with a roomy outdoor area (ashtrays and all), it is the perfect area for large group outings as you can make your own space amongst the mismatched furniture and relaxed atmosphere. Inside, you will find a dining room with a relaxed café vibe (with lots of tea-addicts like me), as well as a bar next door (think fruit ciders and real ales). Additionally, the outdoor area is perfect for barbeques, and you can normally smell that smoky aroma midday onwards on most days.

In the Water Poet’s staff’s own words, they describe themselves as ‘multitasking’, which is definitely the word. Going there feels just as if you’ve popped into somebody’s house for a coffee, had a chat in the garden, and then when things get late, dived into the drinks cabinet.

As if this isn’t enough, the Water Poet has recently added another piece to the puzzle: The Barn. A room located just off the patio, this is a place to hang out with your friends (with room for up to 50), which houses a bar and a plasma TV, and is ideal for viewings, partying, or simply getting together with a group of people. Oh, and did I mention this place does a Comedy night on Thursdays?

See you there.

The Water Poet
9-11 Folgate Street
London, E1 6BX