Our house. In the middle of the ‘Ditch.

I love the air of mystery that surrounds Shoreditch House. Like with any member’s club, and any venue that attracts A-list celebs and a Daily Mail photographer, I often wondered: What on earth goes on in there?

I was lucky enough to attend a party there a few months back, and being pretty clueless when it comes to directions, it took me a while to locate the entrance due to its unassuming exterior. I don’t know what I was expecting. A large neon sign? Singing and dancing doormen? It was just a building, with a normal, no-fuss door.

It felt like a bit like Narnia. The reception area was cramped and dark, and I handed my coat over which was casually shoved on a rail, as I gave the too-cool-to-care receptionist the name of the party I was attending. In the lift, a couple in matching indie clothes were standing holding hands with a bunch of flowers and a signature turquoise Tiffany’s box. ‘Darling! Are you here for Federico’s BAFTA party?’ I sheepishly shook my head and pressed the top floor level, as I looked down at my scuffed shoes. They wished me a good night and as the lift door opened, they ran shrieking into the arms of another couple that looked identical to them. Thank goodness I wasn’t going to that party, I thought – I would have needed an aspirin.

[quote_right]My imagination ran away with me as I momentarily imagined topless men clad in big palm leaves[/quote_right]When I finally reached the rooftop floor, I knew I definitely wasn’t in Kansas anymore. I meandered towards the party, floating past a glass wall that displayed a huge crystal blue swimming pool, with the underwater lights glistening in the moonlight. The outside area by the main room featured outdoor beds, perfect for reclining with a drink, and my imagination ran away with me as I momentarily imagined topless men clad in big palm leaves being added to the mix. Cocktails circulated, the barmen were doing tricks with Bacardi bottles that were fit for the circus, and people were canoodling in the sofa areas that came equipped with a log fire.

The thing that impressed me the most about the venue was the real sense of privacy, as though the walls were thicker than normal bricks and some sort of invisible security cloak surrounded us as we partied in style for one night only. Those are often ironically the best memories, where you can, for a few glorious hours forget where you are, what you do, and what time it is, because frankly, you are just too busy having fun with your friends.

Shoreditch House
Ebor Street
LondonE1 6AW