By Carmen Wycisk

Shoreditch is to me the main inspiration in terms of art, music and fashion. For the past few years, every Londoner has taken something from it, was inspired by it, or has wanted to live there.

If you are an art fanatic, and love installations, you can try a new exhibition every Thursday, and wonder at some different ranges of arts, some amazing and some not-yet ready, and broaden your experience of modern art. After all, modern art started over a century ago, so we need to keep updated.

Regarding the music scene, where better to discover new exciting bands than in the range of free or almost free (around £5) music venues that proliferate in the area? Whatever music you are into you, are sure to find something that will make your evening. From electro-clubs to indie rock gigs, there is always somewhere to go.

As for the fashion addicts, Shoreditch should be a delight to their new-trend-thirsty eyes; everywhere you look, you will find young people wearing strange garnments that will feature on the catwalks in six months time. You can also go shopping in the area in-between Brick Lane and Spitafields where designer boutiques, vintage friperies and world-famous brands are to be found.

As for me, I have been hanging around Shoreditch for three years now and I still discover new places to go or benefit from on a daily basis (e.g. Rich Mix, the recently re-opened rail station, etc.). I can just sit on a bench and watch people pass by – an activity much more interesting in this area than in Bank where you can only see stressed out businessmen/women and lost tourists – spend my Sunday mornings in the markets, trying to find the bargain, or have food from Morocco, the Carribean, or from Bangladesh on Brick Lane, and go bowling afterwards.

And that’s exactly why I love Shoreditch!

Carmen Wycisk

A French native, Carmen moved to London four years ago for a gap year and never left. Like most of her fellow citizens, she enjoys good music, good wine, good food, and good cigarettes.


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