Ah, the humble sandwich. The honest sandwich. The tragically overlooked sandwich.

While Shoreditch may be home to a plethora of quick ‘n’ easy lunchtime bite options, it’s actually quite difficult to get hold of a good old, good value, proper sarnie. Sure, you’re spoilt for choice if you want to pop into a newsagent and unleash a vaguely bready triangle of hellish cheese flavoured plastic into your intestinal tract. And you may even be the type who enjoys plugging themselves into the Matrix every day by staring at Pret a Manger’s Fridge of Doom™ for a good ten minutes before going with the same, boring, pasty baguette. Thankfully it doesn’t have to be this way, as Shoreditch is hiding some superb, life affirming and cheap sandwiches in some unexpected places.

The Juggler

In the quieter confines of Hoxton Market Square sits this gem of a caff. Serving delicious homemade soups, salads and sarnies, gorgeous cakes and choccy treats, their beautiful, big baps are grabbed pretty quickly come lunchtime. Juggler’s no nonsense approach to your 1pm fix means sandwiches are crammed full of fresh, generous, yummy portions. And at around £2.80 a pop, you won’t find better quality at better value. Take on the majestic-slab-of goats cheese sandwich for the ultimate hit.

The Juggler. Proper.


If it’s originality you crave, then look no further than this Asian Café in the heart of Old Street. Take a window seat, watch the world go by and treat yourself to the magnificent Spicy Roast Duck Bahn-Mi baguette; a lip-smackingly fabulous blend of French and Vietnamese cuisine. The succulent meat and warm, crunchy bread spark fireworks in your mouth. Add a dab of hot sauce for that extra zing. Prices from £5.50.

It’s pronounced Kayo. As in K. Yo. I think. Oh just go there

Toto’s Cafe

This busy diner sits proudly on the corner of Old Street and Curtain Road. Boasting a wonderfully wide range of flavour-intense sandwiches at around the £3.00 mark, you can’t go much wrong with these tasty treats. Go ever so slightly Greek with the grilled halloumi or be brave and get the spicy chicken bap down you. Useful if you’re looking for a passive aggressive way to annoy work colleagues. Mint, anyone?

Everyone should grab their lunch here. Your mum, your brother and your little dog too.