Tell us about your band? How long have you guys been performing together? What did inspire you to start? What was the inspiration behind your name?

We started the band in Rome a few years ago and were playing the local indie circuit there for a while. One day we uploaded a few new tracks onto Myspace and got some amazing feedback from London based promoters and managers. Moving to London seemed like an exciting thing to do and so we did. The inspiration for the band name was a dEUS gig setlist hanging in our room during our University years. One of their early track’s called ‘Theme From Turnpike’.


What was your most successful or most enjoyed gig so far?

That must be our ‘1986’ single launch at the Geek Out night in Camden. The Wheelbarrow was packed and the audience was really loud and warm. Plus, we got to see Citizens and they were great. We feel home at the Wheelbarrow which is why our EP launch will be held there, too.

 How would you describe the typical Turnpike Glow fan?

Average age is about 26. Chain smoker. Intolerant to celery. Sopranos fanatic.

Where have you performed in Shoreditch and what are the other places you would like to perform in?

We’ve played quite a lot in Shoreditch actually. Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen, 93 Feet East, Café 1001, 229, Bar Music Hall, Catch. Never played the Old Blue Last for some reason

Who writes the lyrics to the songs? Are the music and lyrics written in conjunction, or separately? How would you describe your ‘creative process’?

We come up with a melody and some guitar/keys hook. Then we pick up the phone and ring up Anthony to tell him we need some drums. Anthony checks his diary and we meet up and jam. Then if we’re lucky, a decent song sees the light.

What are your plans for the future?

Buy a house in Tanzania. Get married and have many kids. Oh and we have our debut EP coming out on June 11th!

Who/what are your favorite Artists/Businesses in the area?

All the tracks of the EP have been recorded at 123 Studios in Brick Lane. Given our meagre finances, we feel the need to publicly thank ‘Beigel Bake’. The songs wouldn’t have been the same without all that cream cheese and salmon

What are your favorite places in Shoreditch? (Where do you hang-out/ dining/ going out?)

Café 1001 is our favourite hang-out lately. It’s got good vibes and some interesting faces. We are playing there on 22nd May so swing by if you’re around.


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