Hi everyone! It’s Nat – founder at www.natalkadesign.com and a passionate illustrator and graphic designer. I love Shoreditch and I’m in constant need to turn creative vision into reality. Therefore, I teamed up with Made in Shoreditch to bring on board for you a new comic series and blog ‘Nat in Shoreditch’ where I’ll introduce you to cool places and people around the area.

What better way to start the blog than from one of the most vibrant places to go on a Saturday – Broadway Market. I’m sure some of you heard of this amazing place, however for the ones that don’t know it yet – trust me, it’s the place to be if you want to experience a mix of cultures, buy top quality food, most unique clothes in London and more!

Broadway Market is located in a little East End street between the Regent’s Canal and London Fields. I learned about the place through my friend. He said it’s one of his favorite places in Shoreditch so I had to check it out! He was right, I loved it! Don’t be fooled by the size of the market, as it’s fairly small but it’s not about the quantity – it’s about the quality. The energy at Broadway Market is very unique and vibrant. People are very chatty and friendly. Everyone is there to have a good time and relax after long week of work. From crispy warm bread, organic cheese and meat, mouth-watering cakes to fresh flowers and handmade souvenirs – Broadway Market has it all! It’s fun to wander around the stalls, stop by at amazing book shops, get some tasty coffee from the local shops and listen to talented new musicians. Finish the tour around the market and relax in London Fields with your friends eating most of the delicious food you just bought from the market and having a good time.

Broadway Market is a one of the true gems in Shoreditch. When you find it, you’ll love it just like I did and you’ll become a regular there before you know it. Great finds, atmosphere and people – what more do you need to make your Saturday perfect?

What do you think of Broadway Market and would you recommend it? I’d love you to get involved and give me any new ideas of the people I should meet or places I should visit in Shoreditch – I’ll illustrate and write about it – I’m all ears! In the meantime I’ll see you at Broadway Market on Saturday! (Look for the talkative blond girl with a bag full of fruit looking for a new cool outfit and interesting book).