I’ve been wanting to try out Frame as I’ve seen their posters around Shoreditch showing amazing butts and heard that it’s a great place to burn calories and have fun…hmmsounds like something I could be interested in! I could try few classes and have to say, I loved them! When I got to choose the classes from the timetable, first thing I thought: wow, so many great choices! From classes called Vibe, to pilates, yoga , boxfit or all sorts of dance classes – this place has it all!

OPEN MUSIC VIDEO: that’s the first class I joined. I love dancing & loud music so thought this would be a perfect pick! And I was right. The studio is very cool and has got all amenities you could think ofso all I had to focus on was to dance till I drop! It was a great one hour class with loads of energy, sweat and laughter. The music was upbeat, loud (yes!!) and the teacher was super friendly. After the class I felt like dancing more and was really ‘feeling it’. Next day I danced the whole routine to other song on the radio and was proud to remember the steps!

BOXFIT: I always liked boxing, made me energized and happy so I thought, why not give it a go? The class was on a Sunday morning, with (surprise surprise) many people coming, which was great as it gave me that extra kick knowing that not only I got up on Sunday to sweat and punch with all my strength for an hour. It felt like I’m part of one motivated group who are there to kick some ass! Loved it! Afterwards nice shower and off I left to start the day with energy and power!

All in all, 5 out of 5! Loved it would recommend it to anyone and everyone who’d like to lose some pounds but also have fun, meet new people and exercise in a more stylish way! What’s more Frame gives you options as far as membership is concerned so you can either pop in on a top up (like oyster) whenever you feel like it or sign up for a monthly membership. Great atmosphere, teachers, variety of classes and right in the heart of Shoreditch! New year here I come! (so my butt can be photographed just like on Frame’s posters )

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