What’s it all about…

Are you designer? Is your brand less than three years old?  Are you looking to gain international exposure for your brand? If so, then this competition if for you!  In January 2013 the search begins to assemble the most innovative fashion designers.  Our aim is to select the best talent to showcase it at final event and show the world best of the talent.

Shoreditch is an iconic Mecca for creative’s. We are presenting a unique live insight into the most visionary, independent designers, inspired by the utopia of Shoreditch taking its style from the street to the catwalk.  Shoreditch is home to an array of independent boutiques and vintage shops, its signature style influenced by a distinctive mix of glam rock, designer and vintage.

öff-beat and Made in Shoreditch presents a event of exclusive fashion, prior hosting an independent designer competition, the 2 winners will feature their work  in the fashion show. The competition winners will be decided both by judges (TBC) and the amount of support each designer receives in the online community.

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What is Made in Shoreditch…


Made in Shoreditch is unique lifestyle magazine celebrating the iconic status of Shoreditch as the centre of innovation, style, culture & nightlife. We want to showcase the best of Shoreditch and Global innovation centres by giving the credit to people who work/live and make their areas what they are.

What is öff-beat…


öff-beat is a lifestyle brand seeking to engage its audience with dynamic events and engaging content. Working with talent from a range of artistic backgrounds – painters, photographers, musicians and designers – we are bridging the gap between talent and opportunity. Our marketing strategy is geared towards providing maximum exposure for all involved, but beyond that we set out to develop creative partnerships which encourages our audience to engage with our brand and our artists.


Down to business…


We are looking for up and coming as well as established designers to apply. The successful applicants will be required to take a ‘hands on’ approach – promoting, marketing, PR, and presenting their brand to the full.



How it works…


The competition will be made up of three phases:

Phase One:  Submission 5 pictures with your top 5 designs , 4-6 sentences about you and picture of yourself. Here is a sample post.  Applicants will have a period of 14 days to submit their work  to the competition  (Please include your  website URL if you have one )

~30 successful applicants will go through to the next phase.

Phase Two: Successful applicants will be announced on 7th March 2013. Successful applicants will then have their designs uploaded to the Made in Shoreditch portal and  then have 7 days to accumulate as many  likes , retweets, pins , G+1’s and trafic to their post as they can. Applicants can use the like functionality in any way they see fit, this task is designed to show marketing and promotional initiative. 2 successful applicants will go through to the final phase.

Phase Three (Final): The final two applicants will showcase their pieces of fashion at The Shoreditch Fashion Show 2013 at ( Venue TBC ) on 27th of April 2013 (Saturday)  .


How to enter…


Applicants should send 5 pictures of their top design works , their profile picture and 3-5  sentences about themselves  to fashion@madeinshoreditch.co.uk , here is an example how your post will look like . Please include your website link if you have one.




  • Applicants will be judged on factors including (but not limited to) to number likes, retweets, repins , G+1’s , trafic to their post,  positive feedback and originality.
  • Applicants must show the willingness to promote themselves and push for maximum exposure.
  • The final decision will be made by pannel of judges and  Made in Shoreditch & off-beat teams


Terms …


Designers or Brands must be less than three  years old. If you are in top 2,  you must present 15-30 pieces of your work during the show.   2 Finalists  should organize their own travel expenses , delivery of garments ( on 27th April 2013)  and pick them up from the venue after the event.


All that’s left to say is good luck!

Be sure to check out Made in Shoreditch Facebook page here and Twitter here

Be sure to check out öff-beat Facebook page here and Twitter here

If you have any concerns, queries or just want more info please contact fashion@madeinshoreditch.co.uk

Here are some of competition entries … 




Entry 7 Entry 8 Entry4 Entry5


Entry 9 Entry 11 Entry10


The Shoreditch Fashion Show

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