So.. What’s the story? Morning glory! We’re not talking about any Oasis song, but about a rave party in Shoreditch that started in the early, early morning of May 29th. Business people and hippy’s combined forces to create the most striking, original party we’ve seen in ages. Made In Shoreditch attended with a camera in one hand and a double espresso in the other.

Only in Shoreditch you can cross the street at 9 am and suddenly run into a rave party. The idea: rave your way into the day! The organisation describes the idea as ‘an immersive morning dance experience for those who dare to start their day in style’, from 6:30 am till 10:30 am. The reality is that while entering the Village Underground – where the event was held – we’ve entered a complete festival environment, including hypnotised dancing hippy’s and people dressed up in nightdresses– but: all in a very, very positive way. This was only just the first event from Morning Glory, and we can give away that there are more events upcoming by the organisers. It’s a must-go.

Why to go?

Want to know why? Here’s why: while most of us use the early morning to drink coffee, read the morning papers and be moody, the opposite could be said about the visitors and organisers of Morning Glory. People from all walks of life are going mental to heavy rave and dance music that is playing; they are supported by a small group of enthusiastic organisers on the stage who are dressed up in pyjamas. One of them tells us about the nice mixture of people attending this party: “there was a woman who was dancing ecstatically for an hour. When she left she put on her official clothes and went to her job as a lawyer.” It must be said: there is no alcohol supplied and no-one is on drugs. It’s all natural.


And more?
But that’s not all of it. If you are tired of dancing, then it’s possible to get yourself a nice massage from the ‘wake-up massage station’, have a double espresso or enjoy a smoothie. Why not have a nice chat with the kind organisers too, the so-called ‘Children of the Morning’. Of course it’s just a very playful event without a deeper meaning, but this one will definitely give you a smile on your face for the rest of the day. Suddenly that job as a lawyer isn’t that hard.

Check out the Facebook-page from Morning Glory. We will soon upload a self made clip about last event on our website!

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