Commenced from the 15th October, and up until Monday 21st October, 18 Hewett Street will be presenting the Three Man Show. The three in question are fine artists Stephen Smith, Michael Swaney and Tim Head. Already known for their exhibitions all over the world – with locations including New York, Sydney, Brussels, and Barcelona – they’ve now set their sights on this gallery tucked away in the heart of Shoreditch.


The theme behind the work of each collaborator varies: Stephen states in his blog that he is “particularly interested with shape, form and the nature of mixed material within a process and how it informs a communication between work”; Barcelona-based artist Michael channels his focus onto the crossings between the online world and our offline reality, conducting the aesthetic freedom of Art Brut/Outsider Art; and last but not least, Tim’s work is vastly experimental and tends to transverse multiple mediums including collage, watercolours, sketches, zines, and much more.

The art on demonstration for Three Man Show comes in a wide assortment of colours, shapes and sizes. Abstract sculptures are shrined up for all to see, while a number of full-colour paintings remain hanging or propped up against the wall, shifting the observers’ eyes up and down along the room.


The choice of 18 Hewett Street to host the exhibition is a unique one, given the unusual setup of the gallery space. The 3-story warehouse is a combination of three departments: the Protein agency upstairs, represented upfront by the noteworthy coffee entrepreneurs DunneFrankowski, with the 18 Hewett Street gallery in the middle. The minimalistic presentation of the gallery space has allowed for a number of innovative shows in the last 3 years, which alternate between designer fashion, music performances, food festivals, interactive displays, and independent film screenings, to name a few.


Attending the gallery within weekdays will give visitors the chance to try out the coffee while they view the free exhibition, adding another plus to the overall experience. This mixture of hot brews and diverse amusements is changing the approach toward how art galleries are viewed within and outside Shoreditch, as innovation and creativity mix in many ways for the new century. And while other galleries attempt to innovate, Protein feels more streetwise and up-to-date on current trends.

Three Man Show

A shared exhibition by Stephen Smith, Michael Swaney & Tim Head.

Open: Wednesday 16th – Monday 21st October

Weekday Hours: 8am – 6pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday Hours: 11am – 4pm

18 Hewett Street