Innovations are constantly changing the way we think and interact with the world around us. Every now and again we run into ideas that frighten, confuse or humor us. For the hipsters and non-conformists, here is a list of the top ten crazy inventions out there:

1. White Goat

Wasting toilet paper? No need! Oriental has the solution in the form of the White Goat machine. This dandy piece of hardware converts normal paper into toilet paper. The uncanny process begins when the office worker inserts 40 pieces of paper into the machine. 30 minutes later – after a process involving shredding, dissolving, thinning, drying and winding – a fresh roll of toilet paper pops out of the machine. The White Goat is available in Japan and begs the question: How can anyone find space for this 6-foot titan in their office?

White Goat

2. Poor Little Fishbowl Sink

What do you get when you cross a fish bowl with a bathroom sink? A method that prevents you from wasting water as you brush your teeth. Designer Yan Lu’s invention drains away water as your pet goldfish’s life hangs in the balance. The water never runs out completely, Lu assures us. The controversy of this design is so high that PETA sent him an angry letter about “animal cruelty”.


3. Hug Me Pillow

For all the lonely singletons out there this bizarre piece of Japanese innovation is sure to fill the void. Shaped like half of a human torso, the Hug Me Pillow hooks around you to keep you warm. Kameo’s president, Tomoki Kakehashi, came up with the idea after his grandmother told him that the best kind of pillow is that of a human.

crazy-inventions-1-14. Anti-Theft Lunch Bag

Thieves can operate from anywhere, and some might even steal your lunch. Look no further for protection than from the Anti-Theft Lunch Bag. With green splotches printed on both sides of the plastic, the schoolyard bully will think twice before attempting to steal from you again. Seemingly rotten food has never looked so good.

Anti theft bag

5. 3D Food Printer

The era of delivering food to homes might slowly come to an end. 3D printing has a new frontier in the shape of the food sector. Cornell University’s scientists are developing a commercial 3D food printer, “FabApp”. This piece of tech will one day print your meals directly from the Internet using “raw-food ink”. Despite some limitations, researchers put forward success with cakes, chocolate and cookies. The environmental implications could even revolutionize the food and natural resources industries, with transportation and farming costs lowered as a result of thousands of people printing edible food.

3d food printer

 6. Anti-Pervert Hairy Stockings

To ward off the peepers of a pervert why not invest in a hairy stockings? This Chinese innovation complements the existence of hairy chest shirts and hairy belts. This sensation has been the talk of the town on Sina Weibo, China’s Twitter equivalent, with one blogger describing them as “the ultimate anti-pervert must have”.


7. Green Warrior Shower Curtain

The Green Warrior Shower Curtain is Elisabeth Buecher’s contribution in the fight against over-consumption of water. Two designs exist: the first curtain inflates and traps you in plastic as you use up more water, while the second pokes you with inflatable spikes. Helpful or downright dangerous, you decide, either way Buecher is happy with her output.


8. Flask Tie

There is no doubt of the Flask Tie’s practicality in the office environment. There will be moments when you’re in a hurry to get to the next meeting, with little time for a drink. Flask Tie comes to the rescue as you race down the hallway with one end of the tie quenching your thirst as you run along. The Flask Tie self-seals after you drink to prevent dripping or stains that could cause embarrassment.


9. Roller Buggy

A simple pull of a lever – that’s all you have to do to convert a baby stroller into a hybrid scooter. The idea has been frowned upon by most for the danger it could put on a toddler’s life. Even so, the parent will get good exercise for the legs as well as faster mobility in public places when the need arises.


10. Cutting Board Bird Feeder

From designer Curro Claret comes the ingenious Cutting Board Bird Feeder. And as the name implies, you can chop up food and the crumbs would fall into some holes, pass down a funnel, roll along a pipe, and finally drop into the feeding bucket of your pet bird. Simple, practical, and effective at saving food.