A site-specific play opens tonight at Shoreditch Church. Directed by Alan Fielden and put on by National Arts Service, it is far from your ordinary commentary on love.

Sun isn’t about the sappy and rose tinted view of love that everyone is infected with around Valentines Day but a more intimate look at the subject. The play will explore the themes that love conquers death, what humans would save in the face of extinction and the morality of love.

Shoreditch Church is famous for  its ties to the birth of theatre ,as we know today ,in the capital. A lot of the actors who first played the titular roles of Macbeth, Hamlet, Richard III and Romeo are buried in the churches crypt.

No more than forty people are allowed at each performance where they will be encouraged to dip in and out of two separate performances.

The play opens tonight and runs until 2nd March so be quick and book tickets – http://suninshoreditch.brownpapertickets.com