The moment that we have all been waiting for with baited breath for the last year has finally arrived. Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium is set to open its doors for the very first time tomorrow!

The cat cafe has had plenty of buzz around it since news spread of its conception over a year ago when Lauren Pears first started to raise money for the pet project through crowd sourcing website Indiegogo. Having raised the £100k initially needed within the first month Lauren set about making her dream into a reality and updating loyal followers through the Lady Dinah blog.

Everything from council permits to the growing support the project was gathering was blogged as Lauren built up a dedicated team all eager to get involved with the one of a kind cafe.

Lauren thought of the idea having visited Japan, where cat cafes are commonplace for people who may not necessarily want the responsibility or have the time to keep a pet but still want the comfort and joy that they offer.

She thought it would be the perfect place for stressed out city folk to go have some tea and cake while also getting to play with the furry felines. By the attention that the cat cafe has gotten she couldn’t have been more right!

Check out the website to book a table as well as staying  up to date with the latest cafe ongoings  and exclusive offers.