How many times have you been dying for a drink but not been able to find a drinking partner? Struggled to find a great venue to go out, as it’s all too complicated? Didn’t realise a promotion was on around the corner that would have saved you £5 or got you exclusive drinks? Yes? Drinqsmart is the app for you!

A new refreshing app for going out, called Drinqsmart helps you get your night started.

With Drinqsmart you can conveniently meet friends who are around you and find top venues all in one app, saving you time and helping you get the most out of an hour here or there. The vision, simple, “Give time back to smart Londoners” so they can get use it to spend on activities they enjoy.

It doesn’t track your exact geo-location, but let’s you decide when you want to share a status and let’s your friends see which stations you are close to so they can quickly meet you for a drink. It’s all about helping the young and outgoing Londoner quench their thirst quickly and easily, with access to 2000 drinking venues across London.

How does it work? Simple, you let friends know you’re up for drink by setting a mood or invite them out to a cool venue through the app! If you both share the same mood and the timing suits you grab a drink and have fun.

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We all know that a quick drink is a great way to stay in touch with our friends in a busy city like London. There are many apps emerging that seek to tap the spontaneous behaviour of urban life, but all try to do everything from dinner, drinking, cinema, and so on. Drinqsmart focuses on going-out for a drink and all that you need to help make that happen in a smart and fun way by allowing you to:

• See who is up for a drink close by based on their mood.

• Join venues or invite friends for drinks through your phonebook, Drinqsmart network, QR scanning or Facebook

• Find the best venues around based on your interest & mood

• See snapshot venue info and promotions in an easy layout

• Start a chat with friends who are out at a venue and easily exchange venue suggestions to find great places to go out around you

If your also a big fan of the World cup, you can use the app to find venues with World cup promotions and friends who are up for a drink based on the team they are supporting – a fun way to get your match started.

App launches today! Download now from the App Store to get a drink around you. Also check out the launch video on the website.