G: Tell us about what do you do? What did inspire you to start?

I started taking pictures nine years ago. My grandfather was a photographer and during my childhood cameras surrounded me. Thanks to my mum I had my own camera quite soon and I started taking pictures during my holidays, looking for some documentary projects around me. However I realised quite soon that one of the most inspiring experiences to photograph was just next to me: the “Castells” (human towers).

G: Tell us a bit more about Human Towers project

I absolutely believe that the values the “Castells” transmit and what they represent to the Catalan people make them one of the most beautiful and stunning cultural traditions worldwide. You just need to take a look at what they are to understand that you must enjoy they some day in your life. Moreover, I am so lucky to live in Tarragona, one of the most important cities in Catalonia in terms of “Castells” (we’ve got four different teams in the city) and the place where the Concurs de Castells (human tower competition) takes place once every two years.

DAVID OLIETE_Human towers_MIS_03

The sky of human towers

1. The image was shot the October 7th 2012.<br /><br /> 2. Highest ressolution file size is 51Mb. Yes, I have a RAW file.<br /><br /> 3. The image was shot at the"Human Towers Competition" in Tarragona, Spain.<br /><br /> 4. The photographer is David Oliete Casanova<br /><br /> 5. Description: The human towers (“castells” in Catalan) are built traditionally in festivities and competitions in Catalonia, Spain. At these events each team (“colla”) builds and dismantles several human towers. For their success, a crowded and stunning base of dozens of people needs to be previously perfectly set up.

DAVID OLIETE_Human towers_MIS_08

The sky of human towers

G: Who are your favorite Artists?

I am really into documentary photography and photojournalism, so probably some of my favourites photographers are Henri Cartier-Bresson, Manu Brabo, Enrique Meneses or Éric Valli. However, I also admire the work of Alexandre Deschaumes, Anton Jankovoy, Alvaro Sanz and Ibai Acevedo.

G: What are your future plans?

My immediate plan is keeping on working on photography as much as I do nowadays and combine my work time with my travel plans. Next October I’ll be the official photographer of the XXV edition of the Concurs de Castells in Tarrahona, so I’ll be glad to be quite busy again with human towers. Hopefully, next August I’ll travel to Panama to be part of a documentary shooting there. Actually, I am currently working on both personal and commissioned assignments.

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