An anonymous artist from Japan has drawn mascots for every 32 countries competing in the World Cup in the style of anime characters, a very popular style of art worldwide. They are really quirky  and incorporate what each country is known for into the illustration, check them out below and see what your countries illustration is like.

anime_style_23 anime_style_12 anime_style_25 anime_style_06 anime_style_13 anime_style_17 anime_style_18 anime_style_26 anime_style_32 anime_style_042 anime_style_15 anime_style_19 anime_style_22 anime_style_01 anime_style_02 anime_style_08 anime_style_09 anime_style_11 anime_style_24 anime_style_27 anime_style_14 anime_style_20 anime_style_21 anime_style_29 anime_style_16 anime_style_05 anime_style_28 anime_style_07 anime_style_30 anime_style_031 anime_style_10 anime_style_31


Images via RocketNews24