G: Tell us about what you do? What did inspire you to start your channel?

I created a comedic character on youtube named Miranda Sings.  I was inspired to create the channel 7 years ago because I wanted a place to upload silly videos I had made for my friends.

G: What were your most successful videos so far? Why do you think they got so popular?

No one can really know why a video is popular.  I never anticipated the success of any of my videos.  I just work hard on making something funny and hope it makes other people laugh.  I think my videos are successful because people like laughing at someone else.  A lot of people are afraid to look silly or stupid. I actually prefer to look stupid and in this case it works to my advantage! :)

G: How would you describe your creative processes? How do you choose the songs that you want to cover? Do you create the scripts for your videos or are you pretty much doing it on the go whenever you feel like it?

I am constantly on my social media accounts reading what the fans want to see me do next.  My viewers are my bosses, so if they aren’t happy, I’m out of a job.  I always try to make videos that they want to see.  Once I pick a highly requested topic, I get a general idea of what I want to do and then the rest is complete improvisation.  Whenever I try to script Miranda it just isn’t as funny.  I do much better when it’s off the cusp and completely unscripted.

G: Do you get any negative comments from the fans of the band that you are mocking? How do you deal with it?

I definitely get negative comments!  I’m used to it though.  I’ve been getting hate mail for the past 5 years. After a while, you kind of become numb to it.  The only thing that really gets to me is when people are rude towards my family and loved ones.  But kids telling me that I’m stupid or ugly doesn’t affect me.  I usually agree! Miranda is pretty ugly…

G: Who are your favourite Youtubers?

I love watching my friends and family! I would list my favorites, but it would take forever! There are so many!!!

G: We know that you are doing the world tour, when are you coming to London and what people should expect at your gig?

My shows in London are September 19 and 20.  I am so excited!  People can expect to laugh a lot.  It’s a comedy show starring my Youtube character Miranda Sings. Throughout the performance, Miranda will use music, dance, magic, and viral videos to teach her audience how to live a full and enriched life in a terrible, corrupt world.

G: What are your future plans?

My future plans are to continue making people smile with my weird Youtube videos.  In my personal life, I plan on getting married to my awesome fiancé and have lots of weird babies. :)

Social links:

Youtube: youtube.com/MirandaSings

Twitter: Twitter.com/MirandaSings

Facebook: Facebook.com/MirandaSingsOfficial

Website: www.mirandasings.com