Tell us about your band?

Well it started just me, Tim Thornton on drums, Guy Whittaker on bass – from the first session on the first album we just gelled nicely and built everything together and learned together …. Tim also plays a bit of electric guitar …. Now we also have Chris (guitars), Ruben (keys) and live our family includes the legendary Argy on lights and Rob Kamer on sound…

How long have you guys been performing together?

Guy and Tim have been in hundreds of bands together over the years, since they were greasy teens punking up the Dublin Castle – we’ve been in Fink together since 2006…

What is the inspiration behind your music?

Intensity, creativity, not having to get up early, bands we love from the past, bands we meet on the road and at festivals, just music and life – we still get inspired by three chord tricks and passion…

What is innovative about what you do?

I honestly don’t think we are doing anything remarkably innovative or different – every combination of players brings a unique dynamic to the table – maybe the reason we do alright is that we give a shit, we care, for ourselves to like what we do, and for every show to be as good as it possibly could be …

Tell us about your new single/album? 

New single Looking Too Closely, kinda uptempo, out in July – same with the new album Hard Believer – the most ambitious record we’ve done – the biggest tours – we’re just hyped….

What was your most successful or most enjoyed gig so far?

We played with the Royal Concertgebauw Orchestra in Amsterdam in 2012 – our one and only symphony orchestra gig – it was fantastic to play with 100 players, really amazing night – we released it as the first concert app, and then an album a year later …. I think for all of us it was the best gig of our lives …

How would you describe your typical fan?

Someone who really loves music….

What are your plans for the future?

Festies all summer – can’t wait – we’re really looking forward to getting our new set out there …

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