Cafes with odd concepts are nothing new to Londoners, especially in Shoreditch. We have a cat cafe, a dog cafe, a cafe dedicated to cereal is in the works and now a cafe designed to fulfil our board game playing needs is set to hit the streets of Shoreditch.

e619943d8a4f6ad46b2c66279acab6ed_large Draughts is the brainchild of  Toby Hamand and Nick Curci who hope to create a board game hub where the public can come and enjoy themselves with a good ole board game, over 500 classic and new creations from around the globe,  along with locally sourced food, coffee and beer.

In the video for their Kickstarter campaign they say that board games are ‘ in the middle of a renaissance ‘ and a good way to spend some quality time with family and friends away from the constant hum of technology.

The cafe will host all sorts of workshops and events as well as selling board games, in case one really takes your fancy.

enhanced-27648-1407139772-20                                                                                     Toby Hamand and Nick Curci

Their inspiration comes from Snakes and Lattes, the first board game cafe in the world ,located in Toronto.

Draughts will be the first board game cafe in London and it will open in a space under the railway arches near Haggerston Station.The campaign has already been very successful so head on over to their Kickstarter page for a fun video and more information.