A penchant for nostalgia is driving a resurgence of all things from the past. The reincarnation of the classic into today’s creative spheres is undeniable. We have the open air cinema, which began around 1916 in Berlin. This has become a popular summer to-do, usually offering classic movies in charming venues al fresco around London. Then there is the drive-in-cinema, invented in the 30s by a chemical plant owner in New Jersey. Brent Cross Shopping Centre is currently hosting its summer season of drive-in cinema in their car park, inviting visitors to a journey back to yesteryear in a classic American-style experience.

Fashion is another realm where some old trends prove evergreen. Designers and editors alike are clearly among those that believe that ‘old is gold’. Lilah Ramzi, a fashion historian, has dubbed this movement part nouveau to describe how we continue to imitate the old in the new. It begs the question though: Have we become averse to taking risks – do we just follow old trends instead of creating new ones? Or is it as simple as giving credit where credit is due? Do the classics deserve to be credited over modern, cutting edge trends? Maybe there is a reason the arts and modern culture have found commercial success by bringing back what originally set the tone.

Image source: http://partnouveau.com/