One last summer hurrah:

Just in case you needed an excuse for some summer revelry, make this three-day weekend, which marks the end of our wonderfully unpredictably, glorious British summer yours.

Music & Dancing:

For this one weekend of the year, the usually quiet and charming residential streets of Notting Hill are pumping with the loudest sound systems. If you’re lucky, a beaming sun sets the backdrop for an eclectic mix of musicians – everything from reggae, D&B, dancehall and hip hop to get you grooving.



You can count on a banquet of colours to feast your eyes on. This is a celebration of Afro-Caribbean culture so processions and moving vans promise traditional dancing and eye-catching costumes – sequined bikinis, grand headdresses and eccentric outfits all round. A photographer’s paradise and local designers’ exhibit. Exotic sights, sounds, smells and tastes liven up the streets of the capital.


The carnival offers some of the best and (why lie), some of the worst cuisine for an adventurous palette. From burgers to jerk chicken to West Indian specialities, the aroma of exotic street food floats through curious crowds. You may want to pace yourself with the rum punch though because the toilets, oh the toilets…let’s just say you may want to avoid an arduous queue wait and an eye-watering portaloo experience.


Basically, anything goes so don’t expect some sort of chilled vibe. This is the largest street party in Europe and it’s free!

But it’s true that there is no such thing as a free lunch. The cost is often a raucous party, which has sadly become a hotspot for crime. There is some jostling to be done through a pretty questionable crowd. Ladies, you may want to be on your guard for any potential gropers. Debauchery is inevitable, caution is a must and the scattered policemen offer a comforting presence.

All things considered, it’s good to see Londoners come together to inject a little carnival spirit as we approach the end of summer. So if you’ve woken up on the right side of the bed and the sun has decided to grace you with its presence, there’s no reason why this cannot be a fun day out. And hey, if you don’t feel the need to come back next year, we don’t blame you!