Artist JPS is a  home grown talent who has been gaining a lot of exposure recently and it’s not hard to see why.  His street art uses pop culture references and puns to create funny and clever art, sure to brighten up the public’s mood and long days at the office.

Check out his artistic skills and pun’s that will make you giggle.



JPS1-650x487 JPS6-650x421 JPS5-650x398 JPS2-650x393 JPS41-650x389 a53ccc4c-ec07-4f23-b615-ed16af19abdd-620x286 a998a755-1c14-4372-a5c8-c3d46f06871b-620x372 b436c769-3ff0-44e6-8e27-d9349425eb55-620x356 84daaf40-f2ba-4af1-a4b4-022e833c356c-620x372 883e8060-f9e6-41f4-83b6-bd96e957845a-620x372 3e740ead-c2c5-4243-acb1-7d1d8fd8240c-620x372