Jasmine Furelid aka JFStylissimo is London based freelance stylist/creative. She has mainly been styling music artists and red carpet events and she is also a fashion blogger who is doing her own hair and make-up tutorials. Now the turn has come for Made in Shoreditch readers to get a few fashion tips from an expert.

MISProfile– Fashion for me is to express yourself in the way you dress, that’s my personal opinion, and that’s what I do. I want people to get inspired by me, explore their own style and find out what suits them.  

In this first fashion post JFStylissimo gives away her five top investments that every fashionista should have in his or her wardrobe:

1. The Hat

MISHat –A hat is always stylish and warm as well. I think that a hat really sets the touch to an outfit. It is definitely a thing you should have in your wardrobe. Some may not be comfortable wearing a hat but it’s a good way to cover a bad hair day. 

2. The Jacket

MISJacket –A leather jacket is a must have, a good investment and a basic piece in your wardrobe. I prefer edgy biker jackets. A standard black leather jacket works with everything and it looks really clean.

3. The Fur

MISFur –It’s all about the fur baby! This is a vintage fur collar that I matched with a light weight jacket to make it warmer. It puts a touch of luxury to your outfit and it is removable, so I’m wearing it to almost all of my jackets.

4. The Glasses

MISSunglasses –Sunglasses is something that everyone should invest in. I have a thing for sunglasses/glasses and these red 70’s ones are a good break-up to my usual urban look. I like them big and massive, a statement. 

5. The Boots

MISBoots –These boots are also vintage. I rarely wear high heel shoes and since I wear a lot of street wear, I like to break it off with this chunky heel type of look. They are comfortable but I still feel more dressed up than with just trainers.

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