What inspired you to start collecting the notes?

The first note I found was “Dear Mr Smiff…” and it remains my most prized possession. I still imagine Will to have “lobed” a real hippo on the roof rather than a toy one! I guess this is what prompted the collection; it’s funny when you begin to look for something and suddenly see it everywhere! People always ask how I find so many and I just look around- it’s important to pay attention to your surroundings!

Where do you find the notes and what qualifies for your collection?

The majority of my collection has been found in Norwich (my hometown) or East London, although some have been kindly donated by friends. I tend to find the most precious gems outside schools and churches. My main rules are that the note must be hand-drawn or written and I must not know the author although there are some exceptions for very special notes that don’t adhere to these rules but I’m too in love with not to include!

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What were the strangest or the funniest notes that you have found?

A particular favourite is a shopping list which instructs the shopper to buy “yum potato”! I have found some particularly amazing ones outside churches, a few of these will be on display at the exhibition, a notable one states that “satanic delay must stop” in the author’s life. What looks like a child’s homemade parking ticket is also pretty special!

Who are your favourite artists?

Daniel Clowes, Steve Wright (from The House of Dreams) and Joan Cornellà to name a few. Although I’ll admit that my friends are the ones I find most inspiring!

What are your future plans?

To continue collecting, pay off my overdraft, travel and never grow up too much! I hope that this will be the first solo exhibition of many for me!

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