We can all relate to that four o’clock feeling of fighting the urge to crawl under the desk and take a nap. It seems a market has developed for sleep accessories to help it be an “anytime, anywhere” kind-of-thing. However, the decision between comfort and not looking utterly ridiculous is a must with these accessories. Here’s the top three most outlandish sleep accessories out there that make your afternoon nap slightly more accessible.

The Ostrich Pillow
ostrich pillow 2ostrich pillow

This brand has had such success there are even kid versions as well as slightly more compact versions to the original. This was made for those people who must have a blanket over there heads to sleep. Though you may look like you have a slightly deformed astronaut helmet on your head, the comfort looks to be undeniable.

The Wearable Futon Air Mat Set

wearable airmatresswearable airmatress 2

Created by the Japanese office supplies company King Jim, why not just throw in the towel on clothes all together and wear an air mattress to the office? You may not have an astronaut helmet on your head, but the suit sure does have a striking resemblance to their suits…

The Blankoat


We all know about the Snuggie and its many versions (i.e. the Freedom Blanket, the Slanket) but the Blankoat, created by Sruli Recht out of Icelandic sheep wool, takes comfort to an entirely new level. Though not much different in style, it will cost you about 300 pounds more than the Snuggie, as its listed at 330 USD. Unless you are planning on attending a fashion show and needing a nap there, the comfort offered by the Blankoat is a little too far out of anyone’s price range.

Nap on, my friends.