The club-night and record label Nonclassical, based in East London, is hosting a weekly night concert series at the Russet that features emerging artists in a wide range of “classical” music. Keeping with the importance of local scene of classical music, Nonclassical’s Hackney Classical series features performances that are curated by different promoters each week as well as students and staff from the London music colleges. With a vibrant atmosphere and relaxing vibe, visitors can enjoy a pint while listening to the newest emerging talent while new talent and composers have the opportunity to perform their work. Nwando Ebixie, the Events and Development Manager at Nonclassic, said that Nonclassical tries to stay away from stiff concert halls because of the traditions and rituals that often come with them. “It has been our mission to reach new audiences who don’t feel that classical music is for them,” said Ebizie.
The Russet, which features ethically source food and drink while combining community space accessible for locals, made it possible for Nonclassical to host the Hackney Classical series for free one night a week. Ebizie said, “Each week we invite a different promoter, who may also be a musician, composer or collective, who we think is working in an exciting way to program an evening’s music” while they retain a focus on contemporary classical music. One such composer is New York based Brian Mark, who curated this month’s Americuration event alongside Jon Russel, and will continue to do a monthly show. This concert featured traditional contemporary European works with an emphasis on American composers and was performed by the alumni and current students at the Royal Academy of Music.
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(Photos by Sara Kärpänen)
The series is booked every week up until Summer and will soon begin booking more dates in September.