The dynamic fashion duo Gyo Kim and Yuni Choe that make up the London-based womenswear label Gyoyuni Kimchoe is committed to producing eco-conscious clothing made with minimal waste and environmentally friendly. This sustainability clothing line is far from the first of its kind, as more and more designers are taking the plunge into the sustainability commitment for their lines. With their background including Parsons, Ravensbourne, and Central Saint Martins, it’s no wonder the two have teamed up to create a cutting edge womenswear line that is highly forward-thinking. As the label’s manifesto reads, they aim their line to have a “respect of life and nature creating modern sustainable fantasies and eco-friendly myths out of inspirations form art history, narratives and contemporary issues” while still producing luxury womenswear clothing. The garments have androgynous undertones with its dramatic draping and detailed tailoring, as the line wishes to “produce experimental collections for women of unique personalities.”
Their spring-summer 2015 line will be at the upcoming London Fashion Week in an entirely-sponsored catwalk show.
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