Designer Jinhee Moon, a recent graduate form London College of Fashion, launched a new London-based womenswear label and was named one of Fashion Scout’s Ones to Watch for AW 15/16. During London Fashion Week,  she debuted her first official collection as a brand in Covent Garden. She keeps her designs fun with 2D and 3D garment realization while applying aesthetic elements to create unique, innovative garments.

When did your interest in fashion and design develop?  

I have always loved clothes since I was little and was attracted to the fact that one collection has its own story behind it.  Since I started studying fashion design in Korea and London, I tried as many new thing as I could and it effected my designs so much.

What was your reaction to being named one of the Fashion Scout “Ones to Watch” this year, as well as one of Vogue Italia’s emerging designers in 2014 ?  

I could not believed every results from them.  These are all absolutely amazing chances for the young designer and I am really appreciative about it.

What did you do to prepare for your showcase later this month? What will your debut collection feature?

I needed to find the studio to prepare this collection. I tried new colour & fabric combination. I especially spent more time making knitwear since it was the first time I made it and process of making knitwear is slightly different if I compare it to other designs.

This will be a new collection.  I considered whether to go with the developed version of last collection which is featured on Fashion Scout and Not Just a Label since I had great feedback from this collection, but I decided to design a new collection with a new concept.

How do you keep your creativity and inspiration going while designing women’s fashion?  

I try to not stay in the studio so [I can] get refreshed and [find] new ideas to explore.  Art galleries are great places to get new inspiration and visiting new place is also another good way. Even [if] the place is just next to your door, everything could be seen differently.

As your designs are known to have a lot of texture, colour and shape to them, do you plan to keep this signature style throughout your next lines? 

Of course, this is the way I play with my design and I’ve received great feedback from my audience.

What’s next? Do you have any plans on where you will take your brand yet? 

After I presented my new collection, AW15, throughout the exhibition and catwalk show during London Fashion Week,  I will present in the Showroom during Paris fashion week in Paris.

Images:  Fashion Scout 2015