MIS Manny Norte

Manny Norté is a London-based DJ who has a long-standing respect by prominent figures in the UK Hip Hop, R&B and club scene.

Tell us about yourself- who is Manny Norté?

I’m a guy who basically loves music. For my 13th birthday my dad bought me a 3D Hitachi super woofer radio and from then it’s been my whole life to be honest. Listening to it, studying it, playing it, making it too! Back in the day I started out dancing and with the help of friends and family, moved onto dj’ing. I was always into it, I just didn’t know how to go about it.

When did you first know DJ’ing was the right path for you? 
I knew dj’ing was the right path for me when I first started practicing, I was checking out the already established DJ’s in clubs, etc., and the effect they had on the crowd when a big tune was dropped.  We live in a digital age now where everything has changed. You can literally tell on social media what people are feeling.
Where do you find inspiration for your music? Dancing is where you first found your inspiration with music- where does it come from now?
I get my inspiration from everyone around me.  It can be as simple as someone tweeting me to say that they love a mix I’ve done, a set in a club, or them listening to me on the radio. Also the DJ’s that have been going strong since before I started and are STILL going strong today! That in itself is very inspiring. The new school artists, DJ’s, and producers keep me on my toes. The second you are not relevant, your phone doesn’t ring anymore, so you’ve always got to stay ahead of the game and keep up with the trends (within what suits you, of course).
What is one of the favorite things you’ve done so far as a DJ?  
Playing for Jay Z at a couple of his parties has been a pretty huge highlight in my career! Also for his wife too!
Any big plans on your horizon? 
I’m working on some music now which is exciting for me at the moment. I’ve set up a production team and am working on making some songs that hopefully the world will enjoy! Fingers crossed…
As we’re a magazine stationed in Shoreditch, will you be making any appearances in the area soon? 
I love Shoreditch!! I go there for meetings, I DJ at parties there, and even do photo shoots! You can catch me there pretty much every week.