The very action of picking up the spray paint can or the paint brush for street artists comes with the knowledge that the work will, over time, disappear. Street art is largely made with consideration for its ephemeral nature, and for short-lived appreciation. However, a new tool launched by Google Art Project might help to keep these works of art as lasting as those hanging in museums around the world. Using its Street Art portal, the function allows for street art to have a truly global audience regardless of where you are in the world. By way of Google Street View, the project creates an archive for street works to be stored and remembered. For some, there are virtual walking audio tours of areas high in street art, like the “Talking Walls of Buenos Airs” that tells you the stories behind the work as you see them. Even more, the site allows users to curate their favorite works either for public display or personal use. This preservation and accessibility of important works will change the way we see, and experience, street art from here on. Now featuring about 10,000 works, cross the five continents and walk through the streets to admire the art you may have never been able to see, until now. Thanks again, Google.


All images © Google Street Art