As our technology evolves, so do our ways of consuming it. Whilst we love traditional DSLR photos, no one can deny the convenience that an iPhone poses when travelling around your favourite countries, or even day to day use at home. To celebrate the ever increasing quality of smartphone cameras, the iPhone Photography Awards has evolved to bring together and showcase the best photographs shot on iPhones, iPods and iPads, alone without any editing. The awards cover a range of categories, from landscapes and nature, to travel and panorama, leaving the competition wide open for all budding photographers. The prize given to the number one photographer is the prestigious IPPA Photographer of the Year award, with several others receiving honourable mentions as deemed fit by the judging panel. Photos are accepted up until March 2016, so get snapping and enter here!


Photo by Rudya Alina, Travel, Honorable Mentions.


Photo by Robert Radesic, Sunset, Winner. 


Photo by Ming Jiuan SHEU, Landscapes, Honorable Mentions.


Photo by Lauren Bealer, Panorama, 3rd Place. 


Photo by Kathy Kingsbury, Travel, 3rd Place. 


Photo by Jen Pollack Bianco, Animals, 2nd Place. 


Photo by Denise Kwong, Landscapes, Honorable Mentions.