Passing time on the train is not easy. Sure, you could read a book, count the trees or just people watch, but artist October Jones has a better idea. Using his caricature skills he transforms commuters around him into whimsical characters. He even goes as far as matching the clothing of the commuters with the character he draws. A man with a red and white striped shirt, for example, instantly becomes Waldo. A man with a red turtleneck? Hey look, Spiderman! Jones’ post-it works are whimsical and entertaining. He is even kind enough to leave small inspirational or motivational messages for future passengers. Since these are post-its, he leaves them on the seat as a surprise for the next commuter. A small cat could wish you a happy Tuesday or you could find a tiny Yoda using a light on your seat as a weapon.

These small drawings show how a bad thing can instantly turn fun. You can keep these in mind for the next time you have a long or boring commute. The next time you find yourself bored or borderline angry, find a way to make your day better again. Make sure to leave an inspirational message in case the next commuter needs a pick-me up too! You could end up having one of the most fun days of your life and even making someone else’s day better.
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