Art is not just a pretty painting on a wall. A mural can truly change people’s lives and create change. A group of Mexican artists, the Germen crew just proved this. The muralists created a work that covered 209 houses in the district of Palmitas in Pachuca in Mexico, with the support of the Mexican government. The walls, which used to be plain, are now a hundred different colours. The artists did not only brighten up the place, but they changed the lives of the citizens. The project employed people from the area and by making the area beautiful there is less violence as well. In the end the project benefited 452 families and 1808 people.

The rehabilitation of this area can be an inspiration for artists all around the world. The project brought people together and eradicated the violence among young people. This is an example of how beauty and a sense of community can transform lives. For all those that think paint is just paint, this proves them wrong. It is not even just about the colours, although they bring happiness to viewers, but about hope and inspiration. This is an area that could have been forgotten or disregarded. Instead, Palmitas just became world news. This is the power of art and the power of beauty.
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