How many times have we heard that it is “all about the context”? Well, for Sath, not even the context is important. This artist bases all of his works on the idea of re-contextualization. His main media is spray paint and he works with common situations. At least that is how he starts. In the process of re-contextualization, he goes beyond the simple meaning of an everyday situation and creates a new one. A simple profile of a young boy, for example, could be a commentary on the media because the young boy is made out of newspaper. A kiss could have a deeper meaning if the couple has their mouth covered.

Sath changes or transforms small details in each situation to make a bigger commentary. Spray paint, his technique since 2002, allows him to make quick works that are still brightly coloured and attractive. He does use canvas, but his pieces are often part of urban landscapes. His works sometimes show impossible or surreal situations, but they never neglect the message. Each is interesting to the eye, but it is also a challenge. The viewer must figure out what the deeper meaning is, because with Sath there always is one. It is just necessary to piece the figurative elements together to find it.
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