With the vinyl renaissance well under way and records more accessible than the 21st century has ever seen, what is to be done with all those old, scratched and dusty records that simply won’t play anymore? Husband and wife team Monica Foley and Gary McAuslin have just the thing.

Second Spin Designs takes old vinyl and turns them into beautifully intricate and practical pieces of art. Monica began the business back in 2008 turning scrap wood and old glass bottles into typewriter key jewellery and lamps. After meeting Gary in 2010, the couple worked together selling Monica’s products at craft festivals, but it wasn’t till a year later, when Gary turned up one day with a silhouette of a rabbit hand-cut from a vinyl record, that Second Spin was born.


The Second Spin mission of re-purposing and upcycling unwanted records means that the company’s environmental impact is greatly reduced. Moreover, Monica and Gary will only ever use materials which are already about to be discarded in order to prevent them adding to already overflowing landfills. Not one salvageable piece of the record is put to waste. There’s very little this company can’t do with an out-of-use 12”, from wall-clocks to earrings to moulded bowls, and even the sleeves are framed to make perfect decorative items for music and record lovers.

neil young


album art

One of the most unique things about Monica and Gary’s use of found materials is that they will rarely come across the same record twice, meaning that each piece is completely matchless. There’s an incredible amount of care and delicacy that goes into each and every product, resulting in an artistic flair that truly does justice to the artists it pays tribute to.


All products can be purchased from the Second Spin Designs Etsy shop