Attention mountain bikers! Your agility and suspension prayers have been answered in the form of an innovative new design that will revolutionise the way in which your bikes manipulate rockier terrains.

As the invention of German company Altinsoy Manufaktur, the Bees Bike comprises a modular design meaning that the bike can be adjusted to suit the rider and the environment. Perhaps the most interesting component is the ability to exchange the stabilizer bar for a DT Swiss rear shock, allowing a swift and simple conversion from lithe hardtail to a more comfortable full rear suspension. It also lets the rider alter sizing and positioning with complete ease.

The model, which was unveiled at the Eurobike convention this year, was a standout piece, not only due to its pioneering mechanisms, but also its unusual latticed frame and integrated system of bolts and mounts, which allow for the adjustments.


Altinsoy plans to sell its products through small network of vendors, starting with an electric bike which comes equipped with Brose mid-motor drive and BMZ battery. This will be followed up with pedal-bikes being released the following year.

The company is still only a small operation, so production is only at about 10 bikes a day. Prices are predicted to hover around €3,500 (US$3,950), but with dealers buying bike parts which can then be assembled with input and tailoring from the customers these prices are a ball-park figure and final costs will depend on personal specifics and customisation.

The Bees Bike is a striking and intelligent example of the possibilities of cycling technology, and a serious point-of-interest for all mountain biking enthusiasts.