For anyone who’s experienced the perils of living in the buzzing metropolis that is modern London, then help is at hand in the form of these handy apps that will keep you entertained, aid your travelling plans, and even save you a little money too.

Navigation apps


As London is such a huge city, there are innumerable ways to get around it. Like many cities across the world, London is no stranger to the controversy surrounding the Uber taxi app. And whilst it may threaten the black cabs of our capital, it does provide a highly user-friendly and cheap taxi service.

However, if you fancy making your own way around, then the Waze app is on-hand to give you a local insight into the best routes. Packed with constantly updated information from real users about the current traffic conditions, Waze provides a great example of how people-powered technology can overcome the hazards of big city living.

And even the most experienced Londoner will have had their share of problems on the underground. But the popular Tubemap app should take most of the trouble out of this mode of transport thanks to its user-friendly functionality and slick design.

Entertainment apps


As one of the world’s major cities, London offered an unparalleled reputation for it’s nightlife. However, the sheer variety of entertainment on offer has led to apps like Hype that provide detailed real-time listings of events that are specific to your locale.

London has gained a worldwide reputation thanks to its innovations in the world of theatre. Thankfully you can avoid the crowds if you wish to visit the world-famous Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre with the Globe 360 app that provides you with 360 degree images of this fascinating venue. And similarly you can enjoy Betway’s huge selection of games that accurately recreate the heady world of London’s casino circuit courtesy of your handheld device.

Londoners are truly spoiled when it comes to the culture offered by the city’s museums. And with the sleek Culture Key app you can easily filter the huge range of cultural offerings to select the most exclusive artistic event for your own tastes.

Whereas if you’re the kind of Londoner who thinks they’ve seen it all, then the Hidden London app can reveal something unexpected in just about every corner of this magical city. Built for London natives and discerning tourists, the app provides a great example of how technological can bring this captivating city to life.