Halloween is just around the corner, and in true Funzing fashion, we have ensured that all of your garish desires are seen too. Whether your looking to dine with the dead, stand out in the crowd wearing your own handmade halloween masks or join a pack of zombies and witches through the streets of Shoreditch.. we’ve got you covered.

Our devilish hosts are prepped to take you on the most unique and creative halloween experiences..the question is are you ready to dance with the devil?

fasdfHaunted at the Medieval Banquet
Take you seat at a table of horrors for a night of feasting and phantoms at the Haunted Medieval Banquet. Join Henry VIII and fearsome hoard of medieval knights and dancing ghouls as you dine upon plates of smoked meats and fruit pies, and partake of wines and ales. Situated in Tower of London tomb, there’s sure to be more than a few ghosts at this banquet.


asdfHaunted Hampstead to Highgate Pub Crawl
Hampstead and Highgate are two of the most picturesque areas of London, but behind the lush foliage lurks a dark history. This won’t be your average Halloween pub crawl as you spend the evening in North London’s most haunted drinking establishments on this spooky guided tour. Experience Hampstead Heath in the dark, and hear the tales of murder, scandal and evil goings on that took place. The experience offers a unique way to experience the area’s oldest pubs, and have a drink with the ghosts that haunt these hallowed beer halls.

asdffaGet Scary This Halloween!
Halloween make-up not really your thing? Do your attempts to turn yourself into a Halloween phantom usually end up looking like you let a crayon-wielding toddler loose on your face? If your Candy Skull is more Explosion-At-The-Candy-Factory then head down to New Cross on 31 October and let Marta transform you into the freakiest, creepiest ghoul on the town. Marta is a qualified professional face-painter who can turn your Halloween dreams into a spooky nightmare.

dfadScary Singles Supper Club Halloween Special
East London’s M&M Supper club returns with a Halloween special. Martina and Magdelena will be serving delicious Nordic food to beguile and bewitch the senses. With a supernatural menu that includes ‘mauled’ apple cider, pumpkin cannelloni and something called a ‘Bloody Torture Ice Shot’, the evening is set to be one of intrigue where you could leave with new friends or something more…


fileShadow Over Shoreditch: Halloween Special
Spend your Halloween saving the world from a disastrous fate. Join the Lumos Society and race through Shoreditch to seal the portal to the netherworld from which dark shadows have come a-slithering. You will have 66 minutes to get to the portal before the horrors that have already made their way into our world get to you. Compete against other teams, evade the encroaching darkness, solve the puzzles, save reality and enjoy bespoke cocktails in the Member’s Lounge. If you’re a time-racing, world-saving, cocktail-appreciating adventurer, this is the perfect way to spend your spend your Halloween.

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