New store Kit and Ace, which opened on Redchurch Street last month, is a revolution for luxury apparel. Hailing from Vancouver, the company is the brainchild of son and step-mum duo JJ and Shannon Wilson. The pair spied a hole in the market when they found that their clothes couldn’t quite withstand their busy lifestyles. Enter Technical Cashmere™ – an innovative fabric patented by the Wilsons that combines luxury with technical functionality. Soft and versatile, Technical Cashmere™ is machine washable and recovers its shape, meticulously designed for both men and women. It’s already garnered some famous fans in the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Moss and Daisy, whose busy lifestyles are complemented by the adaptability of JJ and Shannon’s innovative material.


Kit and Ace has spread like wildfire through Canada and the US in the 9 months since its first store opened in Vancouver. With 9 Canadian Locations, 21 across the US and 4 in Australia, its inaugural UK shop is the first of a predicted 9 that will be opening throughout the capital over the next year. London, as a fast-paced metropolitan environment with a perpetually thriving fashion scene was an obvious next choice for the pair:
“JJ and I saw a void in the luxury apparel industry – we live busy, full-contact lives and we needed clothing that could keep up,” explained Shannon, Creative Director at Kit and Ace. “We see London’s fast pace of life as a natural fit for Kit and Ace.”

At a time where work days start early and finish late, Kit and Ace are making sure that you always feel comfortable and sophisticated.


Alongside more openings in the UK, JJ and Shannon have plans for a further 16 shops in the US, and their sights firmly fixed on Tokyo.