‘Italian social life begins at home. Open the door to feel its soul: its heart’.


The house is lit up in blue lights. Guests are led down a small corridor where the hosts, or the ‘nonnas’ greet them. Music blares and food and drinks swarm the floor — a floor with dozens of options.


– The bar:

The cocktails ranged in flavour from smoky to sweet to bitter to savory. All the drinks were met with a hint of familiarity: Peroni Nastro Azzuro, which each creation is topped off with. While it seems this beer may not fit into many cocktails on the menu, the talented mixologists show off their skills and prove their drinks worth tasting, no matter how crazy the concoction. A spectrum of flavours gives guests options to suit their desires: picky cocktail drinker or seasoned bar-goers alike can enjoy Peroni Nastro Azzuro cocktails.


– The many dining room tables:

Three decorate the foyer. Paper leaves drape the ceiling of one table, an ornate dining area sits in the corner decorated with flowers and the modern, wooden main table draws visitors in to eat their small samplings of home-cooked food. Hop from table to table, sip one cocktail then the next — and suddenly conversations are sparked and friendships are made. Though the main foyer in The House of Peroni is not intimate, large crowds quickly become smaller groups when discussing the food and drink of the venue.


– The laundry room:

While not sounding glamorous by any means, the laundry room in The House of Peroni comes with its surprises. Laundry hangs across the ceiling and over the bar. Small tables encourage the intimate groups from the previous room to continue their talks over another drink. The linens hanging above soften the mood, allotting light where light is not present. The floor is open; the music softened. Plates of food are scattered about, just as the guests scatter themselves about to explore an oddly charming place in the house.


– The outdoor terrace:

Though smaller than the laundry room, the outdoor terrace provides an immediate and brief escape from the bustle. Designed to accommodate no more than 50 guests, the terrace is cherished and appreciated in an exclusive light. Smokers are welcomed — drinks are, as always, encouraged.


And those are only the few spaces of The House of Peroni. Mysteries are hidden in small corners, details popping up in a cheeky manner. The experience differs from each guest; the order the house is explored varies. What food will find its way to the heart? What drinks will make the hardest character soft? Explore The House of Peroni on 152 Brick Lane in East London from 29 Oct to 25 Nov.


The House of Peroni awaits.

Take the keys and come along.