Iconic characters from Walt Disney’s creations take an off-kilter turn in Nicole Furman’s series, titled ‘Disney Fantasy’. Taking inspiration from the innocence of childhood, Furman toys with the notion of how this innocence translates to adulthood and how it affects the now-grown adults.

Each character is portrayed by a person sitting on a sofa, their entire body painted to embody the patterns and colours of each character. Their looks are then topped off with a mask of the cartoon’s face. Furman’s art aims to discomfort and question. Perhaps the ‘ultimate fantasy’ Disney characters attempt to create are nothing but a false hope. When adulthood hits, it hits hard, no matter the character or person.

Furman’s art revolves around self-identity when there is a surplus of information in the world. With limitless resources and access to knowledge, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. Furman’s work aims to cut down on the overwhelming feeling, helping her and her viewers understand themselves better through a form of self-liberation and expression.


Source: Nicole Furman