Time is fragile, but watches do not have to be. Mathieu Legrand‘s Swiss watches endure the tests of life and the tests of time. Durable and sturdy, these watches can handle the depths of the ocean or stroll down the street. The occasion for each accessory can be as simple as everyday use, or as elegant as a black-tie event. These precision timepieces with an elegant appearance are the product of traditional watchmaking and raise technical perfection to an art form. Mathieu Legrand watches are unique accessories for men and women of the world. These timepieces embody taste, elegance and confidence: I am aware of my time.

Mathieu Legrand has unveiled their new watch for the holiday season, the Survolteur. Never lose track of the days or the time with its bold and confident design. The Survolteur is Swiss-made, and each tick moves with prestigious quartz.

Survolteur_1005A_front Survolteur_1005C_front

Made with scratch-resistant sapphire glass, the watch is distinguished by its extravagant weekday indicator and a textured dial, this new design exudes courage and determination. The Survolteur stamps its identity proudly on the wearer’s wrist — for those brave enough for an audacious look.

First-class materials and highest quality standards combine with exceptional designs; in the watches of Mathieu Legrand tradition meets modernity. The latest collection has something for every taste and every occasion from the diver’s watch via the classic chronograph to the simple three-hand watch. Attractive technology and Swiss craftsmanship combine with a sporty appearance, vintage chic meets clean lines and elegance meets functionality.

With the holiday season creeping up on the calendar, a new watch can make a thoughtful gift for any man or woman: busy, adventurous or laid back. If the Survolteur does not suit the particular fancy in mind, Mathieu Legrand has a vast collection to browse through. From sleek, classic styles to modern, innovative designs, the watches of Mathieu Legrand are sure to please any wearer.