Purveyors in ‘medicinal’ drinking, Behind This Wall  are opening their new basement bar on the cusp of Bethnal Green and Clapton on the 5th of February 2016 at 411 Mare Street.

Just as the New Year’s new health regimes are either waxing or waning, they will be launching a menu programme to entice the health conscience and naysayers alike. Developed again by head-bartender Alex Harris, the menu furthers on the ‘medicinal mixology’ concept honed over 4 month summer residency on the Oval Space terrace.
As Alex himself puts it: “We choose to work with refined, small-batch distillers and producers; all our ingredients are free of artificial additives, colours or flavours, high fructose corn syrup or unnecessary sugar. I strongly believe that if we take care of what goes into each cocktail and the process in which it is made, the negative side-effects of drinking can be diminished. High sugar content in drinks contributes enormously to hangovers, for instance. I enjoy playing on old recipes; many of the classics had such a science behind them, akin to distilling amazing spirits or making a great wine. We like to honour the formulas but tweak the ingredients to match in with our philosophy.”
As well as the cocktails Behind The Wall will be offering a seasonal wine list, revolving craft beers and ciders. All partnered by a ‘raw-bar’ food menu that adds some Hawaiian poke bowls to popular £1 oyster happy hours.
The same attention to detail that goes into the drinks will also play into the environment. The design and build has been taken on by in house team, working with tactile and contemporary materials to invert the idea of the basement bar into something light, welcoming and comfortable. While music will be powered through the inimitable Joy Division producer – Martin Hannet’s – old audiophile Tannoy Gold sound-system.